9 Ways To Rock A White Tee This Summer (Men)

What if I were to tell you that you didn’t need to stuff your closet with so many clothes that it explodes outwards. Clothes maybe bought with some logic at the time, “I need it for ____ occasion”, or maybe an impulse buy that you only wound up wearing once or twice.  Or perhaps you’re in the market for a new wardrobe but don’t know where to start?

In that case, let me start you off with a basic piece everyone needs to have in their arsenal. Something to suit your every mood. A basic piece, so simple yet so versatile; it’s genius. Here’s the one thing you should stock up on. The three magic words; a Plain White Tee.

We won’t be getting into the technical, the types, the fit or the material today. let’s start you off with a few styles you can never go wrong with. Squeeze a month’s worth of outfits to cycle based on a single staple article.

Minimal effort, always stylish.

1. The Simple Everyday


A stylish look for the everyday doesn’t need to be so much effort. It carries around all seasons whether it be in the brutal summer heat or in the winter, snug with a few added layers. A very casual look for the everyday, easily dressed up with a nice watch or accessorized with a pair of sunglasses.

2. Throw A Shirt Over

There’s just something about a shirt, buttons flowing open that says chill and laid back. Yet it can be styled to look anywhere between a little grunge to a quick run to the super market. Pull on a cotton shirt in the summer or a Corduroy shirt in the winter and easily style with a thick belt.

3. Let the Accessories Speak For Themselves

So one of the downsides of having a basic outfit with a white tee is how plain and boring it can become. Don't worry though you can add some cool accessories to add some more texture to your outfit.

It doesn't have to be anything crazy like a scarf or shinny gold chain. That probably makes the outfit look worse since it's out of place in away...

Simple watches like your Cronus watches are a great piece to add with a plain outfit. It still flows with the outfit and it's simplistic vibe but adds just enough to make it not boring. 

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4. Pair It With Trousers

If you find the smart-casual dress code difficult to navigate, then here’s a quick cheat. A snug crew neck tee tucked into trousers. Very reminiscent of the 50s, easily updated with a pair of white sneakers for a look for this era.

5. Throw A Blazer Over It

Now it's definitely too hot here in Summer to wear a blazer out during the day. But if you're going for dinner or just out with your friends at night adding a black blazer over a white tee can look amazing. There is no strict rule that says wear blazers with trousers only. A business casual look for the hustler in every man. This combination gives you an air of sophistication. Pair a blazer with a pair of jeans, the result is something to make you stand out.

6. Don’t Question The Khaki

Khakis may be reminiscent of our uniforms from back in school days but that should be no reason to pass up such a comfortable and stylish. Do a full tuck with a belted khaki for a casual summer stroll kinda look. It’s a handsome look that stands somewhere between casual and semi-formal. This is an ensemble that pairs beautifully with sneakers or loafers. Plus khakis are a lot more breathable than jeans. Sweat less this Summer.

7. Under A Suit

The white t-shirt is versatile not just because it pairs so well with denim, but with the right fit, is the perfect companion for your suit as well.

This rule is purely for a smart casual look. You shouldn’t be rocking a t-shirt with a suit when cocktail is the dress code.

One thing to remember for proper execution is to: Tuck it in. In a proper suit is for a clean look. The goal with this is stylish casual.

Make sure you pair the white tee with suits that provide contrast to white. The number one mistake would be to pair a white tee with white suit and trousers. It’s not prom boys, so lay off the white on white.

8. Pair It With Joggers

Joggers are a way to keep the look easy . Wear a white tee with plain joggers. This look is perfect for gym hours as you crack the look with a duffle bag, a cap, and trainers or on a casual stroll.

9. Shorts To Beat The Summer Heat

It’s not just to beat the heat. Shorts with the right fit make you look slimmer and taller. Look absolutely relaxed yet presentable for a casual day out or a summer outing.